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Trackside Assets Specifications

The Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking, in close collaboration with EULYNX, has published the very first set of System Pillar documents.  The EULYNX Baseline Set 4 Release 2 documentation aims to standardise interfaces and elements of the rail signalling systems in Europe.  

This release has been prepared under the organisation and authority of EU-Rail System Pillar, bringing a part of the EULYNX development under technical authority of the System Pillar.  

Ongoing investments with multiple running and planned projects, together with  corresponding industry developments, all require a stable and future-proof basis for procurements and developments. This publication by EU-Rail System Pillar and EULYNX provides the stable basis for current investments related to the EULYNX architecture and ensures both migration and compliance to the future System Pillar target architecture. 

The efficient development phase and successful sector wide approval of this first publication under the umbrella of the System Pillar demonstrate the role of the System Pillar as the generic system integrator and the architect of the future European Union’s railway system, successfully collaborating with sector initiatives, such as EULYNX to bring all rail sector representatives under a single coordination body. 

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Phase 4 – Requirement Specifications

Phase 5 – Interface Specifications


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The documents have been prepared for EU-Rail, however, they reflect the views only of the authors, and EU-Rail is not liable for any consequence stemming from the reuse of these publications.