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Tender Archives

Reference Title Published Contract Award Notice
EU-Rail.OP.01.23 Passengers and Railway Workers Perspective in Rail Transformation (LOT 1 Passenger Perspective in Rail Transformation, LOT 2 Railway Workers’ Perspective in Rail Transformation) 12/07/2023 2024/S 014-036194
EU-Rail.OP.02.22 Inter-Joint Undertaking call for tenders: External Support to the Back Office Arrangement for the Joint Undertakings for Statutory Audit Services (Lot 1) and Accounting Services and Other Assurance Engagements (Lot 2) 16/06/2023 2023/S 234-736990
JUs-CAJU.2023.NP.02 Office water supply and associated services
EU-Rail.23.LVP.01 EU-Rail Staff Away Day 4/08/2023
JUs-CAJU.2023.OP.01 JOINT OPEN TENDER PROCEDURE N° JUs-CAJU.2023.OP.01 – “Provision of the Catering Services” 27/03/2023
H2020-S2RJU-Inducement-Prize-UTrain-2021 Unique Train Prize 22 October 2020
EU-Rail.CD.02.22 EU-Rail.CD.02.22 Provision of a toolset for Model-Based System Engineering, Conceptual Data Model and Federated Dataspace to the Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking 15/07/2022
EU-Rail.22.MVP.01. Call for Expressions of Interest to participate in a Call for Tenders 12/10/2022
EU-Rail.OP.01.22 Europe’s Rail System Pillar – framework services contracts for the provision of services to the EU-Rail in the fields of system pillar core group (lot 1), system pillar expertise (lot 2) and CCS TSI maintenance activities (lot 3) 15/04/2022 2022/S 145-410963
S2R.21.LVP.01 Call for Expressions of Interest to participate in a Call for Tenders 25/06/2021
JTI-CS2JU.2021.OP.01 Multiple Framework Service Contract in cascade for Communication Services
S2R.21.OP.01 Moulding tools for the S2R innovative doors and modular interiors technology demonstrators 12/03/2021 08/07/2021
FCH / Contract 294 Call for tender for data protection services 15/12/2020
S2R.19.OP.02 Strategic support to the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking – provision of services to the S2R JU in the fields of LOT 1-strategy advice, LOT 2- support to programme management, LOT 3-legal assistance 12/10/2020 01/03/2021
S2R.19.OP.01 Railway operators, staff an passengers expertise 17/05/2019
S2R.18.OP.04 Provision of integrated information and communication campaigns, event organisation and public affairs services 07/05/2019 14/01/2020
S2R.19.02.NP Design and Production of Shift2Rail’s Stand at the 12thWorld Congress on Railway Research (WCRR), Tokyo (28.10.2019 — 1.11.2019) No 16/10/2019
S2R.19.LVP.01 Data protection on line register services 08/04/2019
S2R.18.OP.05 Study on alternative communication bearers in the railway environment 12/10/2018 CANCELLED - 24 January 2019
S2R.2018.OP.02 Support to the ERTMS Deployment action as baseline for Shift2Rail (IP2) innovative solutions 31/05/2018 12/10/2018
S2R.2018.OP.01 Study on use of fuel cell hydrogen in railway environment 9/3/2018 12/6/2018
S2R.2017.OP.02 Pantograph – Overhead Contact Line Interaction – Dynamic Behaviour and Quality of the Current Collection 12/9/2017 9/6/2018
S2R.2017.OP.04 Support to the ERTMS Deployment action as baseline for Shift2Rail (IP2) innovative solutions – Cancelled 16/12/2017 28/4/2018
S2R.LVC_17.03 S2R office and staff area supplies No
S2R.2017.NP.03 Cross-Cutting Activities – Human Capital No 1/2/2018
S2R.17.OP.01 Provision of strategic communications, editorial support, graphical, digital and events-related communications services 3/2/2017 23/11/2017
S2R.2016.OP.03 Shift2Rail Multi-project Cooperation Tool 24/8/2016 25/1/2017
S2R/2016/OP/02 Human Capital 19/8/2016 17/1/2017
S2R/2016/OP/01 Long-term needs & socio-economic research 19/8/2016 25/1/2017