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Open European DAC Delivery Programme enabled by Europe’s Rail

For a successful and effective implementation of the Digital Automatic Coupler for European rail freight (DAC), it is of crucial importance to have open, close and efficient cooperation between railway undertakings, infrastructure managers and wagon keepers, as well as the rail supply industry, entities in charge of maintenance, concerned sector organisations, rail research centres and national and European political institutions. The European DAC Delivery Programme enabled by Europe’s Rail, offers a unique European platform for such cooperation and collaboration. 

The projects under S2R JU Innovation Programme 5 on technologies for sustainable and attractive European Railway Freight have inspired this programme. As a continuation of the activities initiated, the Flagship Project 5 within Europe’s Rail JU supports the deployment of new technologies such as digital coupling and automation. Click below for information on these projects. 

                                         IP5 PROJECTS                                      

                                      FP5 – TRANS4M-R                                   

Expression of interest on DAC Pre-deployment trains  


European DAC delivered through integrated shared programme building upon R&I results and pilots; ensuring the necessary actions for a fast, technically and economically feasible European‐wide roll‐out. 

Key benefits


All freight wagons (400.000 – 450.000) in Europe couple automatically after full DAC deployment: 

  • Selection of an open, fully functional, operationally tested, safe and sustainable European DAC open model ready for industrialization and deployment 
  • Produce efficient and cross-countries compatible migration and business plans 
  • Identify possible European funding to support the migration plan 

Would you like to participate to the programme and/or sounding boards which are open for all?

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For detailed information on how the WPs and Sounding Boards are organised within the European DAC Delivery Programme click below.

Work Packages & Sounding Boards