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Results published in June

June 29, 2022

DSS algorithms and data integration Specification report DOWNLOAD HERE Description: This deliverable defines the main requirements for the design of a Decision Support System (DSS) to help multimodal Travel Service Providers in the management of unplanned disruptions and events, by … Continue reading

Memorandum of Understanding on the study ‘Smart and Affordable High-Speed Services in the European Union’ signed on 29 June 2022

In the context of the French Presidency of the European Union, the signature of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER), the Alliance of Passenger Rail New Entrants in Europe (ALLRAIL), the European … Continue reading

Results published in May

May 25, 2022

Final Version of the System Architecture and Conceptual Data Model (CDM) for Railway Dictionary DOWNLOAD HERE Description: The System architecture and Conceptual Data Model for Railway Dictionary aggregates ontologies extracted from several candidate source models. The process of ontology extraction into … Continue reading

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DAC Programme Board Meeting

July 01, 2022 · July 01, 2022

RISC Meeting

July 05, 2022 · July 06, 2022

DAC Supervisory Board Meeting

July 07, 2022 · July 07, 2022

Scientific Committee Meeting

July 08, 2022 · July 08, 2022

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