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Definition of the KPI Model for the EU-Rail Programme: KPI Cards

The Europe's Rail Work Programme identifies KPIs for flagship area projects to measure and thus monitor progress in the respective areas. These KPIs are referred to as the technical KPIs. The KPI cards describe the societal impact of the entire Europe's Rail Programme. This is done by adding an additional layer of indicators, referred to as societal KPIs, on top of the monitoring structure detailed in the MAWP. The societal KPIs are linked to the…

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Final Report: Work to support with a cost-benefit analysis the definition of migration paths for the implementation of S2R selected innovations on the European network

This report presents the results of the financial and socio-economic cost-benefit analysis for the deployment of the Shift2Rail JU (S2R) innovations in four illustrative scenario of typical rail segments. The analysis covers the cost and benefits of four scenarios related to four segments of the rail sector: high speed, metro, regional passenger trains and freight transport. The goal of this CBA is to assess the financial and societal impact of migration paths of innovations over…

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European DAC Investment Plan

This report provides an investment plan which would enable the deployment of Digital Automatic Coupler (DAC) and thereby revolutionise the European rail freight industry, further strengthening the EU’s overall sustainable and digital strategy. Currently, rail freight operations are still dependent on many manual, cost-intensive and strenuous processes, which are not in line with the EU’s overarching vision of digitalisation, low-emission transport nor modern working conditions. In this respect, one of the key enablers towards full…

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Smart and affordable rail services in the EU: a socio-economic and environmental study for High-Speed in 2030 and 2050

This report presents the main findings underpinning the establishment of a European High-Speed Rail (HSR) Network connecting the main European cities and regions, combining investments in constructing creating/upgrading new HSR lines and upgrading the digitalization and automation of existing ones, i.e. ERTMS. It confirms that investing in a comprehensive European HSR network will deliver added value to European society and massively reduce the environmental footprint of European passenger transport. The report proposes a master plan…

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Catalogue of Solutions, 2022 Edition

This 2022 edition of the Europe’s Rail Catalogue of Solutions illustrates successful R&I results in the form of possible products and solutions, while highlighting the benefits for final users, operators, infrastructure managers and/or suppliers. This publication also outlines the advantages of integrating demonstrators into market solutions so that they can deliver the rail innovation Capabilities of the future.

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Europe’s Rail Factsheet

  Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking (EU-Rail) is the European partnership on rail research and innovation established under the Horizon Europe programme. EU-Rail along with its 26 Founding Members delivers results that will contribute to the EU Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy as well as the Single European Railway Area, to a transition to a more attractive, user-friendly, competitive, affordable, efficient and sustainable European rail system. The partnership aims to accelerate research and development in innovative…

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