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Innovation in Action brochure

Joint undertakings are agile, efficient and inclusive public-private partnerships, capable of leveraging knowledge, skills and expertise. Joint undertakings keep ahead of the curve by delivering scientific excellence and innovation across key industrial sectors - smarter and greener mobility, innovative healthcare, improved circular economy, cleaner energy and better electronics. Find out more in our joint Innovation in Action brochure.

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Multi-Annual Action Plan

  The Shift2Rail JU Multi-Annual Action Plan (MAAP) consists of two parts: Part A - Executive View, adopted by the Shift2Rail JU Governing Board on 27 October 2017; Part B - Technical Content, adopted by the Shift2Rail JU Governing Board on 14 November 2019. There is a need to maintain the original MAAP adopted by the Shift2Rail JU Governing Board on 27 November 2015 as reference document in cases of doubts with regard, for example,…

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Catalogue of Solutions

Shift2Rail’s Catalogue of Solutions brings together the innovative products and methods which Shift2Rail has been working on together with Members and key stakeholders to deliver transformed future-proof rail systems. The Catalogue of Solutions illustrates successful Research and Innovation results in the form of solutions, including their delivery date and highlighting benefits for final users, operators, infrastructure managers and/or suppliers. The advantages of integrating demonstrators into market solutions so that they can deliver the rail Innovation Capabilities…

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Human Capital Report Series

The Human Capital Report Series consists of five reports commissioned by Shift2Rail JU and conducted by TNO and NewRail, looking into human capital aspects in the railway sector. The reports assess the current state of play of socio-economic features of human capital and how Shift2Rail JU has contributed to positive changes in the rail sector. In addition, the reports offer solutions on how to further enhance sustainable employment, human resource policy and decrease skills gaps…

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Study on the use of Fuel Cells and Hydrogen in the Railway Environment

This Study on use of fuel cells and hydrogen in railway environment performed by Roland Berger on behalf of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking (FCH 2 JU) and the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking (S2R JU) is organised in four reports. The first covers the state of the art, business case and market potential for potential hydrogen rail applications. The second consists of ten specific case studies that cover the three main applications identified…

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