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Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking proposed by the European Commission to the Council and Parliament

Europe’s Rail partnership, the successor to the current Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking, has been officially announced today by the European Commission as part of a proposal for the set-up of 10 new European Partnerships under the Horizon Europe programme. All the partnerships share the objective of achieving a climate neutral and digital Europe. Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking will build on the successful results of Shift2Rail’s work with its members and partners to speed up the development…

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The rail industry’s strong support for the continuation of Shift2Rail

Last week during its General Assembly, the Presiding Board of the European Rail Supply Industry Association, Unife, voiced strong support for the continuation of Shift2Rail under Horizon Europe, stating: “Today, we call once again on the European Commission to help us stay at the forefront of innovation by proposing the continuation of the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking with a programme of activities of €3.3bn, supported by an EU Contribution of €1.5bn under Horizon Europe.” The rail…

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Shift2Rail Innovation Days 2020 – Save the Date!

Due to the pandemic, during the past months a series of events have been cancelled. We want to nevertheless secure an opportunity to show all the results achieved and the efforts made by our Members and partners working in the Shift2Rail Research and Innovation Programme. To enable us to do just that, we are delighted to announce the Shift2Rail Innovation Days – an opportunity for the European railway community to see how far our innovations…

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#StayingConnected during the #coronavirus outbreak

Adapting to the situation As of 16 March, the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking is following the guidelines of the European Commission announced by President von der Leyen, in view of the Coronavirus outbreak. All colleagues in non-critical functions are teleworking until further notice. We are committed to acting responsibly to tackle this exceptional situation, while continuing to deliver for European citizens, by implementing a determined, coordinated and united approach, and looking forward to a sustainable future.…

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Innovation in the Spotlight: Enhancing tracks, switches and crossings – the building blocks of rail

Main Benefits Whole system modelling approach Switch and Crossing sensor system to extend operational lifespan Enhanced track design solutions through predictive analyses The infrastructure that we depend upon for a comfortable and reliable train ride is often unnoticed by the average passenger, however, rail tracks plus switches and crossings play a crucial role in the overall availability of the transportation network. Innovative work is being realized across these important building blocks.  The Challenge To ensure…

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Innovation in the Spotlight: How a Smooth Ride Translates to Improved Sustainability

Main Benefits Deliver a commonly agreed energy baseline for the four Shift2Rail system platform demonstrators (high speed, regional, urban-metro and freight application) and a modelling tool to evaluate, improve and optimise the energy consumption of rail systems with a particular focus on rolling stock. Develop future methods for predicting overall noise and vibration performance on a system level including both rolling stock, infrastructure and its environment. Assess and advise all energy related works as well…

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