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Shift2Rail JU presents Commissioner Bulc with its Multi-Annual Action Plan

During the Digital Transport Days, on 9 November 2017, Commissioner Violeta Bulc was presented with the Shift2Rail JU’s newly adopted Multi-Annual Action Plan – Executive View (MAAP Part A). The document highlights in the form of Innovation Capabilities, the solutions that will bring about the most sustainable, cost-efficient, high-performing, time driven, digital, and competitive customer-centred transport mode for Europe, for its citizens and freight business. It ‘translates’ the Shift2Rail JU’s vision into detailed, result-oriented R&I activities, performed in the S2R Programme by the JU Members together with SMEs, Research Centres and Universities.

Being able to present such a momentous document during the Digital Transport Days was especially symbolic considering Shift2Rail JU’s objectives have digitalisation and automation at their core.

Commissioner Bulc has reinforced her support for the Shift2Rail JU and its Programme, highlighting the importance of its Programme delivering cutting-edge R&I results and starting to exhibit them at the InnoTrans 2018.