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Issue #4 of Shift2Rail e-news

New mobility systems that will drastically transform passengers’ experience

Without a doubt, strong collaborative efforts are necessary to accelerate the critical transformation of railways. The July edition of the newsletter opens with introductory words by Roland Edel, CTO at Siemens AG Mobility Division, a S2R Member, emphasising the importance of intensified collaboration with competitors within the sector, passengers and European institutions made possible within Shift2Rail.

The spotlight of this month’s newsletter is on one of Shift2Rail’s 12 Innovation Capabilities:  ‘Mobility as a Service’, a concept that will radically transform the way we move in the future. Imagine if we could book our next trip across Europe in one click independent of the number of transport modes we choose. ‘Mobility as a Service’ will offer new solutions to travellers drastically simplifying trip planning and booking. But it involves much more than that as you can find out in our newsletter.

The new edition also highlights the progress achieved so far. Shift2Rail will present more than 20 cutting-edge solutions in live demonstrations at InnoTrans in Berlin this September. Providing further details, the Annual Activity Report 2017 pinpoints the progress accomplished within each project. All this signals that the system transformation of railways is already on its way and that Shift2Rail constitutes an important part of it. Read our newsletter to learn more and to stay updated with Shift2Rail events.

Shift2Rail newsletter – Issue 4