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Interim Evaluation of Shift2Rail: A testimony of the added value of the JU

On the 6th of October, the European Commission published the interim evaluation (2014-2016) of the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking. Even though the S2R JU only achieved its autonomy in May 2016, the report has emphasized the significant role the JU has already played in closing many gaps in previously fragmented rail research, while simultaneously providing the private and public sectors with continuity and stability.

This evaluation has made it clear that the creation of S2R JU is widely supported and is considered to be crucial to deliver better quality, integrated and value for money research than would otherwise be the case. Furthermore, the report acknowledges that there is wide agreement of the value of the JU when it comes to large-scale demonstration projects.

Through the evaluation, the Commission confirms its strong support to the S2R JU and the programme of research it has set out generating outputs which will assist the development of EU Transport policy.

Please read the full report here.