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Europe’s Rail Info Day 2023



The Europe’s Rail Info Day 2023 took place on 4 October 2023 , online.

The event took place on the day of the Call opening and gave an overview of the aims of the Europe’s Rail Research and Innovation Programme and introduced the possibilities to get involved in making rail a more attractive transport mode for both people and businesses in Europe. During the day, participants were able to find out about Europe’s Rail funding opportunity ‘Europe’s Rail Call for Proposals 2023’, worth €21.2 million.

With this Call for Proposals, the Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking intends to build synergies with the SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking, promoting an integrated air and rail network backbone for a sustainable and energy-efficient multimodal transport system in Europe. The topic further supports the work done in Europe’s Rail Flagship Area 1 dedicated to network management planning and control, and mobility management in a multimodal environment, and digital enablers. In addition, with this Call, Europe’s Rail will strengthen its exploratory research activities, essential pathfinders for future R&I, covering topics such as noise and vibration, future metro systems, biodiversity, disruptive assets management solutions, extending the network of PhDs, and DAC fleet retrofitting and capacity plan.

Now you have the opportunity to participate in a dedicated long-term matchmaking. You can submit your competencies, skills, and topics of interest, and find like-minded experts by following the link to the platform below.

For more information on the Call topics, please consult our Work Programme 2023-2024 and the dedicated webpage on the Call for Proposals.