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Results published in November

Specification of formal development demonstrator DOWNLOAD HERE Description: This deliverable describes the rationale and planned structure of the formal methods demonstrator, which is an experiment in exploiting the use of formal analysis for improving the quality of standard interfaces and system requirements definitions. This deliverable is the base for Deliverable D2.5 "Formal development demonstrator prototype, final release". The data resulting from the controlled experiment will be exploited in Deliverable 2.6 "Specification of costs / benefits…

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Results published in October

Application Areas DOWNLOAD HERE Description: The deliverable identifies current and potential application areas of AI across railway subsystems and provides a link between the main railway problems and current AI techniques. As such, it points out the main challenges and some future directions for the effective adoption of AI and machine learning in railway applications. Target audience: All rail stakeholders How it brings us closer to achieving better rail for Europe: It suggests high impact…

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European Digital Automatic Coupler: first step towards one type selection

Today, the Supervisory Board of the European DAC Delivery Programme, on a proposal of the Programme Board, has adopted a decision on the selection of the future Europe-wide Digital Automatic Coupling (DAC) standard coupler head design for European rail freight transport. This decision is a milestone in the process that, during the next phases, will lead to the final design of the selected coupler head, ensuring interoperability and operational performance free of royalties/licenses. This decision…

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EDDP featured at Ermewa Press Conference and Transport Logistic 2021

Ermewa press conference   Press conference on EDDP attracted many journalists  On 20 May, Ermewa, partner of the EDDP, held the first press conference focused on the DAC Delivery Programme. The press conference attracted journalists from 10 different media outlets specialised in rail, logistics and supply chain management. Due to the ongoing sanitary crisis, the press conference was held digitally. So far, the press conference has resulted in two published articles in specialised press -…

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Site inspection at the Görlitz testing facility reveals good progress on Europe’s Digital Automatic Coupling (DAC) prototypes

On June 9th and 10th, representatives of the trade unions vida (Austria), EVG (Germany) and SEV (Switzerland), sent by the European Transport Workers' Federation (ETF), visited the test site in Görlitz (GE), where the functionalities of various digital automatic coupling (DAC) prototypes are being examined. The aim was to gather experiences and evaluations from railway workers – shunting staff, train drivers and wagon masters – whose daily work will be significantly facilitated thanks to the…

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Accelerating the deployment of ERTMS

For the last edition of the Shift2Rail newsletter before the summer break, our Executive Director got talking to the European ERTMS Coordinator, Matthias Ruete. Read the interview to find out about the key elements positioned to accelerate ERTMS deployment, as well as how we can learn from other modes of transport to aid the evolution of rail.   Carlo Borghini: You took over the work of ERTMS Coordinator more than 2 years ago now. What…

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