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Results published in May 2023

Ground Vibration Prediction Software: user’s manual and tutorial examples DOWNLOAD HERE Description: The document describes the software that provides the railway community with a commonly accepted, practical and validated methodology and a user-friendly prediction tool for ground vibration impact studies. This SILVARSTAR prediction tool is based on a frequency-domain hybrid approach that combines the advantages of both numerical and experimental approaches. Target audience: Infrastructure Managers, Suppliers How it brings us closer to achieving better rail…

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Results published in April 2023

On-board Train Integrity Technology Migration & Standardisation proposal of the On-Board Train Integrity Interfaces DOWNLOAD HERE Description: X2RAIL-4, one of the Members’ projects implementing the S2R Innovation Programme 2, completed the activities related to On-Board Train Integrity (OTI). The technology demonstrator completed its technical activities in December 2022. The first deliverable is addressing based on which conditions the new technology needed for OTI should be introduced. The second deliverable is making a proposal for standardisation…

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Results published in March 2023

Context-driven Dynamic Human-Machine-Interface Design and Prototype DOWNLOAD HERE Description: This deliverable reports on the development of a human-machine-interface (HMI) enabling the user to access machine learning models completely by assessing their input, output, and the model itself and what is driving its decisions. This allows the user to better understand and eventually steer the model efficiently and effectively to produce overall better outcomes and improve the decision-making process. In the deliverable, the architecture and software…

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Results published in February 2023

Requirements for the High-TRL Drive by Data Network Devices DOWNLOAD HERE Description: The deliverable details the requirements for the High-TRL Drive by Data (DbD) Network Devices (ND) and configurations tools developed in Safe4RAIL-3 WP1 & WP3. These requirements build on the Safe4RAIL-2 and CONNECTA-2 projects requirements.  Additionally, new requirements have been received from CONNECTA-3. The deliverable analyses these requirements and includes the feedback from Safe4RAIL-3 partners. Target audience: All rail stakeholders How it brings us closer…

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Results published in December

Description of the vibration prediction tool DOWNLOAD HERE Description: The work on ground vibration within SILVARSTAR aims to provide the railway community a user-friendly prediction tool for ground vibration impact studies. This tool will be used for environmental impact assessment of new or upgraded railways on a system level. This document presents an overview of the underlying computation theory and provides support to those beginning to use the SILVARSTAR prototype software. Target audience: Noise Experts,…

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Results published in November

Technology survey of the services provided by IP4MaaS DOWNLOAD HERE Description: This deliverable collects the available information about the services provided by the IP4MaaS project that can be integrated in the Shift2Rail Innovation Programme 4 ecosystem. The deliverable provides: a list of the relevant functions available in the Shift2Rail ecosystem, as communicated by Call For Member (CFM) project partners; an analysis of the web services available in each of the six demo sites of the…

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