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16-19 April: Transport Research Arena – Save the date


TRA offers a great opportunity to explore, discuss and demonstrate the major trends that will drastically change the way we use mobility and transport modes, and address the challenges of the future mobility system. It also provides a great networking opportunity with more than 3,000 experts from Europe, the USA and Asia, coming from the R&I community & industry looking at innovative solutions to be taken up by the market. For further information please visit their website and consult the draft Programme.

Shift2Rail is delighted to participate in the Transport Research Arena both as an exhibitor and as a presenter. With multiple of its Members present, Shift2Rail aims to bring the railway transport mode to a prominent spot during the Conference and showcase the innovative solutions and technologies of the railway system of the future. Furthermore as presenters, Shift2Rail and its projects will participate during key Strategic and Technical Sessions, and host roundtable discussions and presentations at the stand.

Download the Shift2Rail Agenda