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Support the coronavirus global response effort

This month the European Union and its partners launched the coronavirus global response campaign. Want to know how you can help raise €7.5bn to develop diagnostics, treatments and vaccines for global deployment at an affordable price?

All you need to do is help us raise awareness and spread the word about the important role of research and innovation. Use the key messages below through all your professional and personal means to ensure we work for a better future together:

  • To fight the coronavirus, the world urgently needs effective and safe diagnostics, treatments and vaccines– without these we ALL remain vulnerable.
  • The European Commission has made a significant contribution to the Coronavirus Global Response pledge with €1 billion mobilised by Horizon 2020
  • Together, we are stronger: EU research and innovation brings Europe’s leading scientists and innovators together to coordinate efforts across the EU and beyond to tackle the coronavirus crisis
  • The crisis requires a response of unprecedented scale, speed and solidarity – the global research and innovation community is already mobilised but we need to do more
  • We are committed to continuing to support our researchers and innovators in these critical times

The European Commission has also developed social media materials, including a video, visuals and factsheet to help us all disseminate the above key messages. Let’s all be a part of the global response effort!