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SAVE THE DATE! Shift2Rail projects to showcase their results at a joint forum

The Shift2Rail Projects Joint Forum will take place on 21 – 22 October in Brussels and present the results of 11 Shift2Rail projects from across our R&I programme. During the event all 11 projects (see table below) will present their results achieved to date, and how they contribute to achieving the innovation capabilities required for the railway sector to produce value-added products and services. It will be an opportunity to better understand the connections between our Innovation Programmes and how various projects contribute to realising common innovation capabilities.


Projects to be showcased at the Shift2Rail Joint Forum


Innovation Programme Project
IP2 – Traffic Management
IP3 – Optimised Infrastructure ASSETS4RAIL
IP4 – Digital Services COHESIVE
IP5 – European Railway Freight FR8HUB
CCA – Horizontal Innovative Solutions for Railway IMPACT-2


The first day will present how project results under IP4 on IT solutions for attractive railway services and IP3 on high capacity infrastructure are feeding into the capabilities “more value for data” and “stations and smart city mobility”. The second day will highlight project results under IP2 on advanced traffic management and control systems and IP5 on technologies for sustainable and attractive European freight, examining how they contribute to achieving the innovation capabilities of “intelligent trains” and “service timed to the second”.

Participants will have the opportunity to visit project stands in the exhibition area to see demonstrators in progress and to ask questions and learn more.

Save 21-22 October in your diaries now! Information on how to register will follow shortly.