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Results published in November 2023

Strategical Asset Management Tool for the North Line in Portugal


Description: This deliverable provides the Graphical User Interface for the demonstrator implemented at the work package level. The demonstrator attempts to bridge the gap between a company’s top management and maintenance planning by producing a clear assessment of what needs to be done at the tactical level. The tool developed within this deliverable is meant to enable infrastructure managers to assess the consequences of strategic decisions by accessing the detailed tactical planning that would be required for execution. The demonstrator covers the following functionalities: data analysis to predict asset status and impact of the execution of considered interventions, tactical planning that considers all capacity and company-related restrictions, and validation of strategic decisions based on the simulated tactical planning approach. In practice, the user is guided from a parameter input page for different planning modes directly to a results page.

Target audience: Rail Transport Service Providers

How it brings us closer to achieving better rail for Europe: The design and implementation of the detailed tactical mid-term maintenance and renewal planning tool, with a focus on track assets, targets the North Line in Portugal, which connects Lisbon and Oporto and has a length of 336,079 km. To make the planning tool usable for another infrastructure manager, the interfaces and data formats will only require minor adaptations while the general approach will remain constant due to the modular structure emphasised during algorithm development. The added value of the demonstrator is that it offers the user a wide range of alternative scenarios that can be created quickly, which was not possible before. This key achievement is in line with the demand for a step change in asset management within the rail sector to be delivered through innovative technologies, by means of new and optimised strategies, frameworks, processes and methodologies, tools, products, and systems.

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Intelligent Asset Management System Demonstrator


Description:  This deliverable focuses on the Integrated Technological Demonstrator (ITD), which was developed, implemented, and tested within the scope of the project in order to demonstrate the Intelligent Asset Management System (IAMS) integration potentialities through a common monitoring solution collecting heterogeneous inputs from various demonstrators and sharing data using a standardised format. Against this background, the design of the approach was centered on two main objectives. Firstly, by integrating data from five different individual demonstrators at the work package level, the ITD shows that it is possible to assess data distributed over a wide range of information systems and differing standards on a common standardised platform. The advantage of this approach is that it does not depend on implementation solutions. Secondly, the ITD highlights the importance of digitalisation by also showing that, based on data purely collected for asset management purposes, it is possible to derive key information to be exploited by other railway services and stakeholders, with particular attention to railway undertakings.

Target audience: Rail Transport Service Providers

How it brings us closer to achieving better rail for Europe: While the work carried out indicates that significant limitations exist within the railway community on the topic of standardisation, especially considering the aspect of a common data model and of a railway ontology, it also proposes an approach with great potential in tackling this issue when properly applied on real use cases. This work is in line with the Multi-Annual Action Plan of EU-Rail’s predecessor, Shift2Rail, which has emphasized the need to look at how digitalisation applies to all steps of the value chain. The plan’s Intelligent Asset Maintenance Pillar has been a driver to deliver innovative asset management and an accelerator creating new and optimised strategies, frameworks, processes and methodologies, tools, products, and systems, intended for the implementation of a step change in risk based, prescriptive and holistic asset management in the railway sector. The end goal of the deliverable is to disseminate the message that digitalisation, and the consequent Digital Twin, must be tackled from a holistic point of view by all involved stakeholders, in order to capture its full advantages.

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