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Results published in January

Definition of the demonstration for Beta release


Description: This deliverable summarizes the approach taken for the COHESIVE IP4 Beta release demonstration and describes the IP4 background, demonstration purposes, functionalities, functionalities and user stories. It also includes the collaboration obtained from transport services providers to participate in the presentation of pilots and demonstrations for a multimodal, interoperable journeys across Europe.

Target audience: Final users, Operators, Infrastructure management companies

How it brings us closer to achieving better rail for Europe: The Beta release demonstration validates again the IP4 integrated technologies, regarding the pan-European vision of door-to-door multimodal trips, aiming to improve passenger/user experience. On this release new concepts were developed regarding Mobility packages lifecycle, enabling MaaS schemes, the integration of DRT transport modes, Location based experiences using Mixed-Reality devices between others.

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Contractual Management FREL Implementation Report 


Description: The document describes the implementation and technical developments for the Contractual Management Marketplace, which allows to manage business rules and financial compensations. Another feature is the Best Price Engine, used to provide the optimal price for travellers when performing multiple travels.

Target audience: Operators (rail operator companies), Infrastructure management companies

How it brings us closer to achieving better rail for Europe:
Both features are essential to enable convenient door-to-door journeys within Europe. The Contractual Management Marketplace reflects the contractual needs of all operators involved in multimodal journeys and allows smooth collaboration between them. Furthermore, the Best Price engine improves the travellers experience through optimizing the purchased tickets

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