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Rail freight transport: European, sustainable and attractive

There is no EU Green Deal without rail. This is especially true for rail freight, which can be pivotal in supporting a sustainable and digital logistic value chain.

Shift2Rail’s Innovation Programme 5 (IP5) “Technologies for Sustainable and Attractive European Rail Freight” was built to address freight challenges, and is the platform for designing, testing and maturing innovations for the rail freight sector in Europe. IP5 provides a unique set-up for a collaboration between railway undertakings, infrastructure managers suppliers and the research community.

The latest issue of Rail Business magazine features an article exploring the importance of Shift2Rail innovations in the field of rail freight. Read the full article in German to find out more about what Shift2Rail, together with its Members and partners, has done to enhance digital automatic coupling, condition based maintenance, real-time yard/terminal management and intelligent video gate.


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