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  • Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking proposed by the European Commission to the …
    Europe’s Rail partnership, the successor to the current Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking, has been officially announced today by the European Commission as part of a proposal for the set-up of 10 new European Partnerships under the Horizon Europe programme. All the partnerships share the objective of achieving a climate neutral and digital Europe. Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking will build on the successful results of Shift2Rail’s work with its […]
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Results published in September 2023

Technical Specifications for the Design of Transition Zones DOWNLOAD HERE Description: This deliverable presents technical specifications for the design of railway transition zones, as part of the European In2Zone research project. The deliverable aims to define these technical specifications to help shape the development of future-looking transition zone remedial solutions, particularly those related to controlling permanent deformation. First, the remedial solutions for transition zones are presented, followed by the design principles and requirements for transitions,…

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Europe’s Rail FP5 TRANS4M-R reaches an important milestone

The Europe's Rail Flagship Project 5 TRANS4M-R developed the first Europe-wide agreed target operational procedures for Full Digital Freight Train operation. On 1 August, the FP5 TRANS4M-R team came together at Knorr-Bremse premises to learn about the now available operational procedures, discuss their implications and look ahead to the upcoming discussions. The workshop was also a place to recognise what has been achieved and to celebrate this important milestone.   The operational procedures are the…

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FR8RAIL IV Project Highlights Major Achievements in Rail Freight Transportation

The final event of the Shift2Rail funded FR8RAIL IV project was held on 15 June and showcased the project’s achievements that have improved the efficiency, sustainability, and safety of rail freight transportation in Europe. Hosted at the Deutsche Bahn CargoLab, the event brought together a diverse range of stakeholders, distinguished speakers, and industry experts who gathered to celebrate the project's outstanding outcomes and share valuable insights. Among the project's numerous accomplishments, several key highlights stood…

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Demo activities dedicated to fully dynamic door-to-door travel

With most Shift2Rail projects coming to a close this year, major demonstration activities testing different technological solutions developed within the programme are taking place across Europe. Our Members and partners carry out trials in real-life environments involving a wide range of experts, including operators, infrastructure managers, research centres, suppliers and in some cases even the final users. In the month of June, we look at the demo activities dedicated to fully dynamic door-to-door travel, with…

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Europe’s Rail FP2 R2DATO brings you the next generation digital and automated railways

To benefit the rail sector and its final users, our new Flagship Project (FP2) 2 R2DATO, worth EUR 160.8 million with 76 partners, is ready to advance automation in railways and leverage digitalisation to make our mobility smarter, more efficient, and greener, contributing to the wider European Union objectives. In this article FP2 R2DATO Coordinator, Frédéric from our Founding Member SNCF explains what to expect from the project. What are the main objectives of the…

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Results published in June 2023

Travel Companion Specification Report DOWNLOAD HERE Description: This deliverable describes the specifications of the Travel Concerns Work Package and Travel Companion Modules within the ExtenSive project.  It describes the different functions developed to meet the travel concerns and outlines the behaviour of the Travel Companion through its use cases. In addition, it details the components, the functions, the missions and the capabilities. Target audience: Travel Service Providers How it brings us closer to achieving better rail…

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