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  • Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking proposed by the European Commission to the …
    Europe’s Rail partnership, the successor to the current Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking, has been officially announced today by the European Commission as part of a proposal for the set-up of 10 new European Partnerships under the Horizon Europe programme. All the partnerships share the objective of achieving a climate neutral and digital Europe. Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking will build on the successful results of Shift2Rail’s work with its […]
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Results published in November

Specification of formal development demonstrator DOWNLOAD HERE Description: This deliverable describes the rationale and planned structure of the formal methods demonstrator, which is an experiment in exploiting the use of formal analysis for improving the quality of standard interfaces and system requirements definitions. This deliverable is the base for Deliverable D2.5 "Formal development demonstrator prototype, final release". The data resulting from the controlled experiment will be exploited in Deliverable 2.6 "Specification of costs / benefits…

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Results published in October

Application Areas DOWNLOAD HERE Description: The deliverable identifies current and potential application areas of AI across railway subsystems and provides a link between the main railway problems and current AI techniques. As such, it points out the main challenges and some future directions for the effective adoption of AI and machine learning in railway applications. Target audience: All rail stakeholders How it brings us closer to achieving better rail for Europe: It suggests high impact…

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Results published in September

Evaluation models of ‘Modal Shift’ DOWNLOAD HERE Description: The report describes the results of applying the modal shift evaluation models to the Shift2Rail impact scenario, as well as, eight alternative future scenarios such as autonomous vehicles (AVs) and electric vehicles (EVs) with and without effects of S2R innovations. The analysis shows that the Shift2Rail innovations have potential to deliver substantial increases in rail demand for all analysed market segments except metro. Target audience: All rail…

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New Shift2Rail project DACcelerate just launched!

DACcelerate - Accelerated DAC transformation to full digital rail freight operations in Europe - will run from 1 June 2021 – 31 December 2022. DACcelerate, part of Shift2Rail’s Innovation Programme 5 on Rail Freight, supports the European DAC Delivery Programme in close cooperation with all relevant stakeholders, while continuously engaging with experts and policy makers on European Union and Member State Level. It will provide strategies, methods and guidelines for a successful and cost-efficient transition…

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Ben@Rail, a new Shift2Rail project, kicks off!

To wrap up 4 years of programming under Horizon2020, S2R JU launches Ben@Rail, a project under our Cross Cutting Activities (CCA). Ben@Rail will last for 9 months from 1st October 2021 to 31st  June 2022 and will produce an overview of the progress expected from R&I activities and identify if outcomes will match stakeholders’ needs and requirements. The project will provide recommendations for enhancing alignment between R&I priorities set in EU Rail JU Master Plan…

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Results published in June

Analysis of requirements and definition of specifications for obstacle detection and track intrusion systems DOWNLOAD HERE Description: This deliverable addresses the proposal of a set of requirements for all freight use cases, specifically for the development of an obstacle detection/track intrusion prototype (OD&TID). Requirements have been developed around four main categories: performance, functionality, operation and compliance (with regulations and standards). Target audience: All rail stakeholders How it brings us closer to achieving better rail for…

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