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  • Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking proposed by the European Commission to the …
    Europe’s Rail partnership, the successor to the current Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking, has been officially announced today by the European Commission as part of a proposal for the set-up of 10 new European Partnerships under the Horizon Europe programme. All the partnerships share the objective of achieving a climate neutral and digital Europe. Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking will build on the successful results of Shift2Rail’s work with its […]
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Results published in May

Final Version of the System Architecture and Conceptual Data Model (CDM) for Railway Dictionary DOWNLOAD HERE Description: The System architecture and Conceptual Data Model for Railway Dictionary aggregates ontologies extracted from several candidate source models. The process of ontology extraction into the aggregated ontology provides a unified knowledge graph which can subsequently be used to establish relations between concepts originated from heterogenous models and attach precise semantics to these relations, paving the way for the CDM…

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Results published in April

State-of-the-art concept of vibration prediction tool DOWNLOAD HERE Description: The deliverable presents the state-of-the-art of prediction models for railway induced vibration and differentiating between numerical, empirical and hybrid models. It contains a review of empirical models with particular emphasis on the general framework recommended in ISO 14837-1:2005, as well as the empirical procedure for Detailed Vibration Assessment proposed by the Federal Railroad Administration and the Federal Transit Administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation. These offer…

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Results published in March

Assessment and Classification for Alternative Bearers and Alternative Bearers/Traditional Bearers comparison DOWNLOAD HERE Description: This document aims to analyse the economic aspects of the adoption of the eligible Alternative Bearers (ABs) in a railway context, and to compare the eligible ABs with the Traditional Bearers (TBs). The eligible ABs are: Free Space Optics (FSO), Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite and High-Altitude Platform Station (HAPS). Target audience: All rail stakeholders How it brings us closer to achieving better…

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Digital Automatic Coupling (DAC) – the backbone for full digital rail freight train operations in Europe

The introduction of the Digital Automatic Coupler (DAC) aims to address the three main challenges of the European rail freight sector - increasing capacity, productivity and quality - which are crucial for a more efficient and modern rail freight system. The DAC will be a major game changer for the modal shift to rail to achieve the aspiring EU Green Deal objectives.   [caption id="attachment_13244" align="aligncenter" width="722"] Präsentation Digitale Automatische KupplungCopyright: ÖBB/Marek Knopp[/caption]   Currently…

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Results published in February

B4CM software framework: An implemented software framework and supporting documentation for the monitoring of data exchanges and attribution of associated costs in industrial RCM systems DOWNLOAD HERE Description: The B4CM project is delivering a blockchain-based testbed for the attribution of RCM data costs across organisational boundaries in the context of the European Rail Industry. D1.1 presents the software framework developed by the team, describing in detail the selected software stack and the chaincode deployed within…

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Results published in January

Definition of the demonstration for Beta release DOWNLOAD HERE Description: This deliverable summarizes the approach taken for the COHESIVE IP4 Beta release demonstration and describes the IP4 background, demonstration purposes, functionalities, functionalities and user stories. It also includes the collaboration obtained from transport services providers to participate in the presentation of pilots and demonstrations for a multimodal, interoperable journeys across Europe. Target audience: Final users, Operators, Infrastructure management companies How it brings us closer to achieving…

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