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New Shift2Rail project DACcelerate just launched!

DACcelerate – Accelerated DAC transformation to full digital rail freight operations in Europe – will run from 1 June 2021 – 31 December 2022.

DACcelerate, part of Shift2Rail’s Innovation Programme 5 on Rail Freight, supports the European DAC Delivery Programme in close cooperation with all relevant stakeholders, while continuously engaging with experts and policy makers on European Union and Member State Level. It will provide strategies, methods and guidelines for a successful and cost-efficient transition to full digital rail freight operations. The project will tangibly develop the required future technology innovation bricks and respectfully update operational procedures for the roll-out and migration process.

The objectives of DACcelerate for laying the foundation for an effective and cost-efficient DAC roll-out and for full digital rail freight operations in Europe are:

  • Systemic EDDP implementation for accelerating the adoption of a European DAC solution
  • Harmonized European DAC specification ready for product development, integration into operations and for the EU regulatory Framework (TSI)
  • European Migration Strategy for effective roll-out and full integration by 2030
  • Impact Assessment and Attractiveness: Assessment of the wider socio-economic benefits of a DAC introduction for network capacity and contribution to the targets of the EU Green Deal; Preparation for the transformation of job profiles and required new skills for shaping attractive new workplaces
  • DAC Impact awareness by stipulating broad engagement of sector actors and all EU Member States

The consortium consists of Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH, railiable GmbH, hwh Gesellschaft für Transport- und Unternehmensberatung GmbH, Molinari Rail GmbH, OWITA GmbH, Trafikverket, RINA Consulting S.p.A, FRET SCNF and ÖBB-Holding AG.

Budget: 1.6 million euro.