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Innovating, Connecting, and Engaging: Europe’s Rail at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit

The Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking is gearing up for the UITP Global Public Transport Summit in Barcelona on 4-7 June. As the European partnership for innovation and research in the railway sector, Europe’s Rail and its team are looking forward to showcasing the latest demos at stand 6B212 in hall 6 and connecting with experts, stakeholders, and innovators. 

With the UITP Summit expected to draw 2500 attendees and 15,000 exhibition visitors from around the world, this international event dedicated to sustainable mobility presents an opportunity for Europe’s Rail to present our latest innovations in the public transport domain. As first-time participant, Europe’s Rail looks forward to taking the opportunity to highlight the synergies between rail and light rail and further explore how these modes of transport work together to provide interconnected mobility solutions. Together with our Executive Director a.i., Giorgio Travaini and Chief Stakeholder Relations and Dissemination, Ms Catherine Cieczko, join us at our stand 6B212 and discover our latest demos developed through Shift2Rail, the predecessor programme of Europe’s Rail. 

Insights from Europe’s Rail  

Mr Travaini will be moderating a strategic session on ‘Automation in trams and trains: Optimising capacity and operations’ on Monday 5 June at 9:30-11:00 CET. The session will discuss how new technologies such as driving assistance systems, digital control systems and autonomous operations, will improve safety, save energy, increase network capacity, and optimise depot operations in trains and trams.  

Later that same day, from 14:00 to 15:15, join Mr Cees Steendijk from our Founding Member Strukton who will represent our Flagship Project 4 Rail4Earth at the Spotlight Forum Session 5 on ‘Managing energy in public transport operations: from renewable supply to intelligent management’ in the Spotlight Forum A, Hall 7.  

Just across the hall, in the Spotlight Forum B, our Innovation Programme 4 project IP4MaaS will present its demo kick-off during the Innovation in the Spotlight Session at 15:30 CET. Mr Giuseppe Rizzi, Project Manager for Urban Rail at UITP will moderate the session.

The next day, discover how we’re enhancing the passenger experience, attend the Innovation Programme 4 IP4MaaSExtenSiveConnective projects final event on Tuesday 6 June at 9:30-16:30 CET. The primary focus of this event will be on solutions improving passenger experience and making rail a more attractive option for customers. Learn about the Connective and Extensive projects from Mr Juan Castro Manuel Arias, Senior Innovation Programme Manager at our Founding Member Indra and listen from Mr Giuseppe Rizzi, Project Manager for Urban Rail at UITP about the IP4MaaS project.

Get a sneak peek at our latest innovations 

Moreover, throughout the whole event, our stand 6B212 will be ready to welcome you and showcase our latest innovations in passenger experience technology. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience first-hand how research and innovation can positively transform the railway industry. These demos include the Virtual Reality tool focused on noise abatement technologies, the Travel Companion app, the Lightweight Seats, and the HoloLens designed to enhance the passenger experience at train stations: 

The VR tool, developed under our Shift2Rail Cross Cutting Activities project SILVARSTAR, puts forward a simulation that calculates interior and exterior noise to be auralised and visualised. By evaluating the sound quality and comfort of potential mitigation measures in the vehicle design process, this innovation can be used to assess the annoyance reduction of a given measure.  

The Travel Companion App, part of the Shift2Rail Innovation Programme 4, offers travellers a full control of their journey, thanks to their own personal and secured ‘Travel Companion’. Though a wallet, the app will give access to all travel services needed for the journey, shopping and booking, and will allow storage of the rights to travel. At the same time, retailers and operators will be able to identify and authorise the Travel Companion to access their own systems and networks.  


The Lightweight Seats are part of Mat4Rail, a project from the Shift2Rail Innovation Programme 1. This workstream focuses on interior design and offers a radical change of seating technology structures and seating flexibility by reducing seat weight by 60%. Reflecting consumer needs for comfort and price, this design brings forward a sustainable, flexible, and visually new concept.  

The HoloLens on passenger experience at trains stations is part of Extensive, a project from the Shift2Rail Innovation Programme 4. The HoloLens, a wearable holographic computer, will present a mixed reality of passenger experience at train stations. The scenario consists of animated, virtual, and interactive content and services that will be used to entertain the traveller and guide them along their journey. The idea through this location-based experience is to suggest a concise example that could be useful to travellers and demonstrate the tool’s capabilities.  

How collaboration makes innovation grow 

Through this event we aim to showcase our commitment to driving innovation, advancing the rail sector, and fostering cooperation in the European railway market. Our team is eager to engage with attendees, share insights, and build new partnerships with like-minded professionals. We look forward to a successful event and the opportunity to contribute to the global conversation on public transport. 

Learn more about the event here.