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Help us shape Shift2Rail’s European Train ID Prize!

What are we looking for?

In accordance with its Annual Work Plan 2020[1], Shift2Rail intends to launch the “Shift2Rail Train ID Prize”.  The Prize shall achieve through Europe a unique representation of the train and path objects. To this aim, the implementation of efficient algorithms that generate a single Train ID is needed. In particular, this should be associated to commercial trains in synergy with the use of Train ID in the framework of TAF TSI and other tools, in cooperation with the Joint Sector Group and Rail Net Europe (RNE).

Moreover, the solution should demonstrate its technical validity and universality while at the same time providing a viable path of measures and advantages to overcome the possible stakeholder inertia to implement such a solution in nationally driven systems. The results of the contest will be made available to the European Commission to enter the future regulatory framework; the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA) will be associated to the assessment of the contest too.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for experts with extensive background in train telematics applications and rail logistics, to participate in a dedicated workshop in order to help us in shaping the design of the Shift2Rail Train ID Prize, including validating the problem and further structuring the goals of the Prize in order to be achievable.

The selection of the experts participating in the workshops will be based on professional and technical capacity. Moreover, the below provisions on conflict of interest will apply throughout the whole procedure.*

The scoping workshop 

The workshop will be held remotely on 5 May 2020 from 10:00 to 12:00 CET.

During the workshop, the experts will be required to develop questionnaires and perform exercises to shape further the objectives of the Prize, as well as the relative criteria.

In order to facilitate a meaningful discussion, the indicative number of participants to the workshop is 20 people.

If the number of experts who have manifested an interest in participating to the workshop exceeds 20 people, the experts will be selected on the aforementioned criteria.

The participation to the workshop will not be subject to remuneration.


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The experts who have registered but not been selected to participate in the first workshop due to the limited number of available places might be invited to participate in a second workshop to be organised during the second week of May 2020. Date and registration to this second workshop will be communicated in due time by the Shift2Rail JU to the concerned experts.


*Conflict of interest:  

The participants in the workshop must take all measures to prevent any situation where the impartial and objective award of the prize is compromised for reasons involving economic interest, political or national affinity, family or emotional ties or any other shared interest (‘conflict of interests’). They must inform the JU without delay of any situation constituting or likely to lead to a conflict of interests and immediately take all the necessary steps to rectify this situation. The JU may verify that the measures taken are appropriate and may require additional measures to be taken by a specified deadline.

Participation by the same individual both as expert in the workshop and as contestant for the prize, and in full compliance with the above-mentioned rules on conflict of interest, shall not be construed to constitute a reportable Conflict of Interest affecting the impartiality of participants nor the impartial and objective award of this inducement prize”.


[1]Governing Board Decision 8/2019 of 14 November 2019.