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Europe’s Rail Project Results Published in October 2023

Requirements Specification for Automated Decisions and Decision Support for Traffic Management Optimisation


Description: This deliverable aims to specify European common requirements for a system to provide automated decisions and decision support for traffic management optimisation. It further aims to verify the suitability of the identified requirements to different applications that will integrate state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques to support decision making and handling of rail operations in real-time. More specifically, the deliverable defines the detailed functional, non-functional, and operational requirements for traffic management optimisation. These requirements were developed with a focus on the upcoming project demonstrators. They were also developed with a view towards achieving the Technical Enabler on the automation of very short-term train control decisions, as well as that concerning real-time conflict detection and resolution for main line and optimisation. Overall, more than 80 requirements have been created. A special focus has been placed on the system scope, the integration into the existing IT infrastructure and processes, conflict detection, and conflict resolution and mitigation.

Target audience: Rail Transport Service Providers

How it brings us closer to achieving better rail for Europe: The European common requirements developed within this deliverable support the development of a common target system architecture by the System Pillar, in turn accelerating the achievement of the Single European Railway Area. Today, rail traffic is managed on national and/or regional levels, supported by legacy systems with a poor level of digitalisation and weak integration with systems of other actors participating in the overall traffic planning and management process. Through the development of common functional requirements, associated specifications, operational technological solutions, and by taking advantage of the potential of digitalisation, FP1 – MOTIONAL will pave the way towards the implementation of a future European Rail Traffic Management System that is interoperable, resilient, able to adapt capacity, and also able to integrate other transport modes. This deliverable represents the first step toward this goal

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