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Europe’s Rail Project Results Published in November 2023

Federated Data Space ‘Sandbox Environment’ Description


Description: The FP1-MOTIONAL project is tasked with delivering a viable, usable Rail Data Space (RDS), serving as a common enabler for data sharing and communication for all EU-Rail Flagship Projects and relevant elements of the System Pillar. The RDS will provide the exchange and sharing of digital resources across rail operators, infrastructure managers, and suppliers as a contribution towards building the European Mobility Data Space, matching also with the work conducted by ERA on digital databases and semantics. The “Sandbox Environment” closely mimics the real-world scenario needed to support developers in the design, development, testing, validation, and deployment operations of the RDS. This approach is designed for two purposes. The first purpose is to start the development of a federated data space from proven software components that are consistent with the data space principles adopted and maintained by organisations supported by European institutions. This is at the same time a measure of acceleration of the development process, an approach to maintain consistency with common European data space principles, and a means to validate concepts, technologies, and development by running code. The second purpose is to contribute to standardisation with specifications validated and proven by actual running code, particularly of interoperability across data spaces.

Target audience: Rail Transport Service Providers

How it brings us closer to achieving better rail for Europe: Its ultimate aim is to align data sharing and communication in the Rail Sector to the European Data Strategy, complying with key principles therein, such as data sovereignty, data level playing field, public-private governance, and decentralised soft infrastructure. This endeavour will make the rail sector both a contributor and a beneficiary of the ‘single market for data’ for a data-driven European society. Digitalisation is a fundamental transformational process encompassing the rail system as a whole. Therefore, the FP1-MOTIONAL project is designed to enable the future European railway system to be interoperable, resilient, and able to adapt capacity, precisely by exploiting the opportunities that digitalisation provides.

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