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Europe’s Rail Project Results Published in December 2023

Requirements for the deployment of a Traffic Management System


Description: The focus is to explore the requirements for the integration of Traffic Management System (TMS), Automatic Train Operation (ATO), and Connected Driver Advisory System (C-DAS) to optimise rail operations and increase their efficiency. This deliverable consists of a report that presents an overview of the three systems, relevant concepts, and standards, as well as the ‘State-of-the-art’ for each of these systems. The ‘state-of-practice’ section of this report provides an overview of the implementation status of ATO, C-DAS, and TMS systems in several European countries. Moreover, the report discusses a potential future functional direction for the integration of the three systems, in line with current Europe’s Rail System Pillar developments. The report also identifies the innovation work required. Lastly, the report points out the high-level requirements and standards applicable to the system architecture, design, analysis principles, and deployment of the solution proposed.

Target audience: Rail Infrastructure Stakeholders

How it brings us closer to achieving better rail for Europe: Flagship Project 1 MOTIONAL will enable improved rail traffic planning and operational management at the European level. Therefore, the project is of paramount importance for meeting the European ambitious target of making rail the preferred mode of transport in the future. The integration of ATO and C-DAS with TMS will contribute to an increased network capacity and more reliable rail services which will benefit not only the Rail Operators and Infrastructure Managers, but ultimately the customers. The increased efficiency and reliability of the rail network will also contribute to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, in line with the European Green Deal objective.

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