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European Year of Skills: Meet ADIF

The newest edition of our European Year of Skills 2023 video series is now available. Watch as we share personal experiences of our Founding Members, partners, and staff through video messages, encouraging young people to build their careers in rail.

Learn directly from people in the industry what are the skills you can develop while working in rail, what skills are necessary to have and what skills are used daily. This way we are putting skills centre-stage and promoting a mindset of reskilling and upskilling. We are bringing organisations and people together to share their experiences and insights.

Ms Mónica Pelegrín Preixens, Head of Analysis and Development R&D in Strategic Innovation Sub-Directorate, and Mr Pedro Martín Pérez Martínez, R&D Project Manager in Strategic Innovation Sub-Directorate, of our Founding Member ADIF, share their insights. ADIF is a public company within the Spanish Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda. The company plays a leading role as a catalyst for the railway sector, making the railway the means of transport and facilitating access to infrastructure under equal conditions.