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Common Dissemination Booster’s Policy Recommendations Highlight the Key Role of Railways in our Society

Rail transportation has the potential to be a key element in addressing a number of challenges facing today’s society. In particular, a significant shift from road to rail transportation can become a central component in the fight against climate change, a challenge specifically acknowledged in the EC long-term vision for the economy. In order to achieve this objective, the rail industry must acquire more market attractiveness. Uptake of innovative technologies will enable integration into emerging digital logistics chains and drastically improve cost efficiency. But the rail sector is highly fragmented in Europe, with technical and organisational incompatibilities at many levels. The Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking (S2R JU) is a public-private partnership under the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme established to manage and coordinate mission-oriented Research and Innovation (R&I) activities for a major transformation in rail systems in Europe. This policy brief recommends a sharp focus on a limited number of priorities in order to optimize resources and avoid dispersion of effort. It was elaborated within the context of the Common Dissemination Booster, funded under Horizon 20202, and is based upon the results of the projects participating in the CDB services.

Read here all the policy recommendations (Shift2Rail’s part starts on page 38)


See below policy brief video produced by the Common Dissemination Booster