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Calls for Proposals to non-JU Member : Info Day 20/01/2016 – Presentations now available


When: 20 January 2016

When: Brussels at Charlemagne Building, European Commission, Rue de la Loi 170, 1000 Brussels

The video stream can be watched here.

Download all Infoday presentations:

1. Welcome Speech and general introduction on the Shift2Rail JU
Christos Economou –Interim Executive Director, S2R

2. General information on H2020 and Shift2Rail
Keir Fitch – Head of Unit C, DG Move

3. Shift2Rail Multi-Annual Action Plan
Giorgio Travaini – Programme Coordinator, S2R

4. Topics open to non-JU Members from the S2R 2015 calls for proposals:
Rolling Stock and Cross-Cutting Activities
Alexandra Gurau – Programme Manager, S2R
Signalling and IT for passengers
Dorota Szeligowska – Programme Manager, S2R
Infrastructure and Freight
Georgios Patris – Programme Manager, S2R

5. Financial, legal and practical aspects: From submission of proposals to the award of grants:
Nina Rekolainen – Financial Officer, S2R
Sebastien Pechberty – Legal Officer, S2R
Rachel Smit/ Antoine Kedzierski – Policy Officers, DG Move