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UPM-Summer School – Railways: the safest transport mode



UPM-Summer Session. Railways: the safer transmort mode

Date: 26 June, 2024

Location: Online

This course will delve into the fascinating evolution of the railway, from its “humble” beginnings with steam locomotives to modern high-speed trains. Focusing on the essential components that make up the railways, understanding how each element has evolved over time and how the railways have been used as a means of transportation for both passengers and goods, highlighting its capacity to move large volumes of people and freight in a safe, efficient, and sustainable manner. Finally, the course will explore the innovative technologies transforming the railway sector, including advancements in safety, energy efficiency, digitalization, resilience, and sustainability. Europe’s Rail Executive Director, Mr. Giorgio Travaini, will introduce the important work done on the cross-European level to the course takers from 09:30 – 10:00 CET on 26 June.

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