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TRA Conference 2022

Lisbon, Portugal


Europe’s Rail took part in TRA 2022, the largest European research and technology conference on transport and mobility on 14-17 November in Lisbon, Portugal.



Europe’s Rail showcased innovative rail solutions developed through the Research and Innovation of the Shift2Rail programme.

  • Travel companion – The travel companion offers travellers the possibility of a seamless multimodal door-to-door journey across Europe. It paves the way for our work towards the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) concept, integrating mobility services into a single intuitive mobile app, increasing the attractiveness of more sustainable modes of transport.
  • Auralisation and visualisation of train noise – This demo enables the inclusion of human perception in the assessment of different railway noise scenarios in a virtual environment. The prototype developed within the S2R projects is used to demonstrate trains passing by under different conditions with and without various noise mitigation measures.
  • A unique language tool to boost cross-border rail traffic – This innovative tool allows to mitigate language barriers in the railway field. Thanks to the solution, the driver is able to exchange necessary standard information in written or as voice messages with the traffic controller for a safe run of her/his train and for a good information of the traffic controller. The tool fluidifies border crossings and enhances network capacity, safety and competitiveness.
  • Lightweight single axle running gear frame – This mock-up shows the development of a carbon fibre single axle running gear frame that achieves a 50% reduction in weight while maintaining the performance of current steel structures. The project has been divided into four main stages: design and analysis process including research on validation methods and state of the art, sub-component level testing, prototype manufacturing and full-scale testing (bench and track).
  • DAC VR experience – The VR experience is a site visit to a workshop in Mannheim where the DAC4EU train is shown. It includes an introduction, the coupling and uncoupling procedure of freight wagons with an automatic coupler, and a summary.
  • Hololens


Strategic Sessions

Our Executive Director, Carlo M Borghini, took part in a strategic session on Artificial Intelligence for smart and sustainable mobility on 14 November at 15:15 WEST.


Invited Sessions

Our Head of Programme, Giorgio Travaini, took part in an invited session on motivating companies, academia and research organisations to participate in EU research on 17 November at 8:30 WEST.


TRA VISIONS 2022 Prize Ceremony

The winning certificates and prizes of the TRA VISIONS 2022 competitions were presented in a prestigious Award Ceremony during the TRA 2022 Conference. Our Executive Director, Carlo Borghini handed out the Young Researchers prizes during the TRA 2002 Opening Ceremony on 14 November at  9.30 – 12.00 WEST.


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