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Europe’s Rail FP5-TRANS4M-R brings you the next generation rail freight

To benefit the rail sector and its final users, our new Flagship Project 5 (FP5) TRANS4M-R, worth EUR 95.1 million with 71 partners, is ready to establish rail freight as a backbone of the lowest emission and most resilient logistics chain in Europe, fulfilling the end customer requirements to their full satisfaction. In this article FP5-TRANS4M-R Flagship Project Manager, Molley Williams from our Founding Member Deutsche Bahn explains what to expect from the project. Tell…

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Eight Projects Aim to Ensure that European Rail is Fit for the Future

The projects funded under the Europe’s Rail 2022-2 Call for Proposals cover everything from railway stations and bridges to increasing rail freight, supporting SMEs and building a railway-based intermodal pod system. Europe’s Rail has selected eight projects under its 2022-2 Call for Proposals. Worth EUR 35.8 million, the projects involve nearly 100 entities from 22 countries and include some of Europe’s best and brightest researchers and innovators. Together with the six large flagship projects that…

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Europe’s Rail FP4 Rail4EARTH contributes to a sustainable European transport system

To benefit the rail sector and its final users, our new Flagship Project 4 (FP4) Rail4EARTH, worth EUR 95.1 million with 71 partners, is ready to provide new innovative products and services that will improve the sustainability of the European transports landscape. In this article FP4 Rail4EARTH Coordinator, Laurent Nicod from our Founding Member ALSTOM explains what to expect from the project. Tell us what is encompassed in ‘Sustainable and green rail systems’ and how…

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Improving rail operations in Europe requires teamwork and access to space data

The Space for Innovation in Rail Conference marked a significant gathering of key stakeholders within the European railway community, converging to deliberate on the transformative integration of satellite technology into the rail sector. Following the imperative of Green Deal targets and the pivotal role of rail as the most environmentally sustainable mode of transport, the event's overarching purpose was to explore the boundless potential of satellite technology in advancing the efficacy, safety, and sustainability of…

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EUR 7 million investment for European multimodality under rail and aviation synergy call

Europe’s Rail and SESAR 3 Joint Undertakings have published a joint call for the development of an “Integrated air and rail network backbone for a sustainable and energy-efficient multimodal transport system”. The call targets solutions that will improve door‐to‐door mobility for Europe’s citizens, and is expected to generate synergies between the air and rail innovation communities. With a total investment of EUR 7 million, the call is being co-funded within the framework of the EU’s…

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