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Shift2Rail awards 19 grants for its Call for Proposals 2020

19 projects worth €147.7 million will be funded under the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking 2020 Call for Proposals for research & innovation activities. Shift2Rail’s co-funding will amount up to €75.4 million. The new projects will deliver key Shift2Rail results through technological demonstrators and pave the way to the successor programme. Read the press release

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Shift2Rail’s Governing Board gives ‘‘green light’’ for the set-up of the European DAC Delivery Programme

The Governing Board of the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking has examined and fully endorsed the European DAC (Digital Automatic Coupler) Delivery Programme proposed by its Executive Director, voicing the request of the railway sector.  Building upon the outcomes achieved in Shift2Rail’s freight related R&I activities (Innovation Programme 5), and the acknowledged achievements of the sector, the European DAC Delivery Programme will be a unique opportunity for the sector to collectively drive the deployment of technological and…

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Shift2Rail and its successor are a unique opportunity for the sector to overcome the challenges in front of us

Our Executive Director, Carlo Borghini, was recently interviewed by RailGrup to talk about the main challenges for the rail sector at European level. He underlines the importance of a shared vision on the future concept of operations and an understanding of clients’ needs in order to create a competitive European rail network. The future of the sector depends on the capacity to compete with other mobility and transport systems, taking advantage of its strengths and…

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Shift2Rail Call for Proposals 2020: Participation Results

Europe’s railway Research and Innovation community shows strong interest in deepening collaboration as 2020 Shift2Rail Call for Proposals prompts requests for R&I funding worth €113.3 million. In answer to its 2020 Call for Proposals, the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking has received 43 proposals for a total value of €185.8 million and a funding request of €113.3 million (almost 50% more compared to the available funding). 8 proposals were submitted under the Call for Members, while 35…

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