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What is the System Pillar

The System Pillar is the “generic system integrator” for the Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking (EU-Rail), and the architect of the future EU’s railway system. 

Under this role, the System Pillar will provide governance, resource, and outputs to support a coherent and coordinated approach to the evolution of the rail system and the development of the system view, based on a formal functional system architecture approach to speed innovation and deployment. The System Pillar brings rail sector representatives under a single coordination body. 

To achieve this, the System Pillar will deliver a unified operational concept and a functional, safe and secure system architecture, with due consideration of cyber-security aspects, focused on the European railway network to which Directive 2016/797 applies (i.e. the heavy rail network), for integrated European rail traffic management, command, control and signalling systems, including automated train operation which shall ensure that research and innovation is targeted on commonly agreed and shared customer requirements and operational needs, and is open to evolution.