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EU-Rail Relationships

Innovation Pillar

The System Pillar and the Innovation Pillar will work together as an integrated programme team.

The System Pillar aims to guide, support and secure the work of the Innovation Pillar and the Innovation Pillar will impact the scope of the System Pillar where new technologies or processes mean that innovations can drive a change in approach, as well as delivering detailed specifications and requirements

System Pillar Steering Group

The System Pillar Steering Group is the decision-making body for the System Pillar, ratifying the deliverables of the System Pillar, and providing a mechanism to deliver consensus, or a decision/recommendation where this is not possible.

ERA in the System Pillar

ERA as System Authority for ERTMS and Telematics Applications will assess that the output of the System Pillar meets the criteria of interoperability, safety and security (via ENISA) established by the legislator

The System Pillar will support ERA:

  • in their consideration of TSI enhancements in the scope of the JU
  • in its role as ERTMS and Telematics System Authority
  • providing input to a TWG

International and European Standardization Organizations (ISO, IEC and ESO)

The System Pillar will coordinate standardization activities from the JU with the following bodies:

  • European Standardization Organisations (CEN TC 256, CENELEC TC 9X and ETSI TC RT)
  • International Standard Organisations (ISO TC 269, IEC TC9, ITU)