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What are the goals of the System Pillar

The purpose of the System Pillar is to introduce a common EU railway system view in order to

  • Ensure that the evolution of the rail system is based on common operational visions and a layered functional architecture  
  • Support the rail sector in the development of the strategic vision of the Single European Railways Area (SERA) 

The system view shall encompass

  • A common operational concept and system architecture including the definition of the services, functional blocks, and interfaces, which form the basis of rail system operations 
  • Any necessary technical specifications (including specifications regarding functional and system requirements, and interfaces) to feed into standardisation processes, or Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSI), aimed to achieve higher levels of digitalisation and automation. 
  • The system Maintainability, Error-correction capability and Adaptability over time and migration roadmaps 
  • Interfaces with other modes (metro, trams, etc.) 

System Pillar is the opportunity for the sector to converge on the evolution of the railway system – operational concept and system architecture.