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  • Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking proposed by the European Commission to the …
    Europe’s Rail partnership, the successor to the current Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking, has been officially announced today by the European Commission as part of a proposal for the set-up of 10 new European Partnerships under the Horizon Europe programme. All the partnerships share the objective of achieving a climate neutral and digital Europe. Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking will build on the successful results of Shift2Rail’s work with its […]
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“Horizon 2020” provides EUR 6.3 Billion to research and innovation

Partnerships with the transport industry will be stepped up in “Horizon 2020” in order to overcome fragmentation and, hence, accelerate the market take up of innovative solutions. Next to the SHIFT2RAIL Technological Initiative, launched through the Horizon 2020 Programme, a series of three financing demands was launched aimed to increase and to consolidate the competitiveness of European industries in the sphere of transports and to create a resource-efficient transport system that is individual, seamless, environmentally…

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European Economic and Social Committee adopts a favourable opinion on Shift2Rail and asks EU for additional funding

During the plenary session on 25 March, EESC Members unanimously adopted an Opinion in which they highlight the crucial importance of Shift2Rail: "The EESC strongly backs the Shift2Rail initiative, which it sees as an important contribution to European industry in the strategic railway sector". In this regard, the EESC notably "stresses the importance of Shift2Rail for employment" and insists on "the importance of Shift2Rail to maintaining the competitiveness of the European industry, which still produces…

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EU Council gives green light to Shift2Rail and FRP technical pillar

Ministers that make up Europe's Transport Council today adopted a favourable position on the legal framework for the regulation establishing the Shift²Rail Joint Undertaking, while the council has also completed its work on the technical pillar of the Fourth Railway Package, which includes revising the role of the European Railway Agency (ERA). International Railway Journal

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Council agrees its position on the European Railway Agency

The proposal to include a Council Regulation establishing Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking in our priorities, reflects our strong interest in rail transport. Shift2Rail can serve as a tool for promoting rail transport research and advancing European rail transport system, as well as the industry and market development in this field. Hellenic Presidency

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Council agrees its position on the European Railway Agency

The Council adopted its position on a draft Council regulation intended to set up a public-private partnership called Shift2Rail joint undertaking, which will manage a research and innovation work programme to support the development of better rail services in Europe. Shift2Rail’s goal is to double the capacity of the railway transport system, to reduce its life-cycle cost by 50% and to increase the reliability and punctuality of rail services by 50%. Railway Insider

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The European Commission adopts Shift2Rail, tripling EU-funding for rail research and innovation

The European Commission published today the proposal for a Council regulation establishing the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking (JU). This key initiative will make rail transport more attractive to millions of European passengers and freight users and boost the competitiveness of the most sustainable transport mode. In doing so, the R&D outputs of Shift2Rail will help solve the societal transport challenges outlined in Horizon2020 and realise the key objectives of the Commission’s 2011 White Paper on Transport. Shift2Rail…

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