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Fuel cell for railway – FCH JU & Shift2Rail JU launch a new study

While electrifying the transport system is a major priority to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Europe, the railway system has been a pioneer in this area with a large majority of its traffic running on electrified lines. But efforts are still needed to complete this path. Various regions in Europe have shown interest in the potential of fuel cell and hydrogen technologies for trains, in particular where other electrification alternatives have proven unfeasible to reach the environmental and a zero-emission objectives set up for rail operations.

To enable a larger introduction of fuel cell technologies within the railway market, a deeper analysis is needed. Following a first joint initiative (Hydrogen Train Workshop” organised between FCH 2 JU and S2R JU on 15 May 2017), the FCH 2 JU is teaming-up once more with the Shift2Rail JU, this time for launching a joint call for tender in view of conducting a study around this proposal. The purpose of this new study will be to address the needed market analysis and assess the potential of fuel cell and hydrogen technologies for the rail sector.

Find more information about the call for tender here.