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A message from Shift2Rail’s Executive Director during this exceptional period

I would like to take this opportunity to share a personal note with you all during this exceptional period. As a European Italian citizen from Milano, I have asked myself many times what more can I do to offer support in the current situation. What I can tell you is that Shift2Rail staff are fully committed and operational, and so my answer is that I need to ensure, together with them and our Members, that the Shift2Rail Programme progresses, as much as possible as planned, and the necessary corrective measures are in place to deliver to expectations and to address the criticalities that will materialize. This situation will fortunately pass and we need to be ready to answer the expectations of European passengers, workers, and the logistic value chain.

My deepest thanks goes to all the people working daily in rail, whether freight, mainline, high speed, or urban, for their invaluable commitment to serve European citizens in these exceptional circumstances. From those on their knees ensuring infrastructure is maintained, resilient and safe, to the CEOs who together work around the clock. Thank you to all those who are working together also now in moving rail research and innovation forward.