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Ongoing Call for Proposals

Europe’s Rail Call for Proposals 2022-1 is open for submissions

Projects worth €390 million, against €234 million funding, are expected to be funded under the Europe’s Rail 2022-1 Call for Proposals for Research & Innovation activities, within the framework of the Europe’s Rail Annual Work Programme 2022-2024. The application period is now open and submissions will be accepted until 23 June 2022.

With 6 topics, the very first Call of the Europe’s Rail programme is expected to raise high interest in the transport community and beyond. The indicative Horizon Europe co-funding made available by the Europe’s Rail for this Call is €234 million, out of an estimated projects’ value of around €390 million.

The Call builds upon the results of the Shift2Rail Programme, to reach high TRL levels, paving the way to the deployment of innovative operational and technological solutions in the area of European rail network management, automation and digitalisation of rail operations, sustainable and resilient systems, rail freight in the supply chain perspective and regional and capillary lines.


Questions regarding the Call for Proposals 2022

Please note that proposals may be edited and re-submitted multiple times until the Call deadline/cut-off date, using the same proposal number. The system will only keep the most recent version that is submitted.

After the call deadline, the proposal may normally no longer be changed nor supplemented, unless it is to correct an obvious clerical error.

Candidates therefore take full responsibility for submitting and validating their proposal before the Call deadline.

Given the required interaction by this Call with the Europe’s Rail System Pillar activities, applicants may request clarifications on the System Pillar activities through the following functional mailbox: Answers will be provided by the Joint Undertaking on the basis of the current ramp up phase of the System Pillar.

Please note that all Call related questions shall be addressed only to the Europe’s Rail Call helpdesk, writing to Answers will be anonymised and published on a regular basis in the Funding and Tender Portal and on this Europe’s Rail webpage up to 14 days before the Call closure deadline.

In this respect, participants are encouraged to take into account, in their proposal preparation, the clarifications to Call-related issues that can be brought by the Europe’s Rail through the Q&A mechanism. The deadline for Q&A related to this Europe’s Rail Call for Proposals is Thursday 9 June 2022 at 17:00 (Brussels Local Time).

Useful documentation

All Call documents can be found in the Funding and Tender opportunities portal, for each Call topics. More here.

To find out more details about Europe’s Rail funding, including legal and financial details, please take a look at the recordings and presentation from Europe’s Rail Info Day 2022-1. The event took place in 16 March 2022: